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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
Why would you make them permanent? Maybe because there's a sense of realism in not being able to have everything you want. Maybe because forcing players to make permanent choices creates a more diverse spectrum of characters which is more interesting than every character being changeable on a players whim.
The flaw in your logic is that you have cryptic tweaking the game all of the time. Do you think my day one character's efficient trait means the same now that it did three years ago? Yet I am "stuck" with it

Same with the reputation skills.. they will change over time and they won't be the same tomorrow, as they are today. Cryptic may create an OP item tomorrow that does tremendous damage and you may wish you hadn't spec'd into damage when you could have more defense.

If this were a static game, I would agree with you, but I can't agree with you based upon experience and historical patterns.

You want some realism.. here is some realism for you. If this were real life, I would adapt to my circumstances by changing my strategy or plan. In this game, that adaption is via respeccing.

Now let me ask you a question with your own question... Why WOULD you make them permanent??????
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