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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
And I've come up with a possibility who that could be. I think that "Future Man" from Enterprise has made his appearance in the game.
I think that if Future Guy was a Romulan, or really if there was any Romulan with time travel powers, they would be trying to stop the destruction of their homeworld, rather than messing around in the 22nd century or anytime else (unless they think the explosion was a good thing and want to support the idea of a new, open Romulan society on New Romulus, and disapprove of the Iconian involvement with the Tal Shiar, but I think having an intact homeworld would trump other issues).

I'm much more interested in the relationship between the Iconians and the Tholians. My theory is that the Tholians are the Iconians - they're mucking about with crazy dimensional transports, they can destroy Borg with ease*... I bet in the future the Tholians went back in time, became the Iconians, and then went off the radar to assist their past selves in the present time.

*I guess that technically applies to Starfleet and the KDF as well these days, but I think we can be sure that they're not the Iconians.
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