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I am running the Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer, (3 Engineering, 4 Science, 3 Tactical consoles variant) I find this hull to be the best balance for my Science Captain.

I am running Aux Cannons on the front, with strandard phaser cannons on the rear.

Borg 3 piece set at the moment (for the tractor beam to use with the Quantum Phaser)

Tactical Consoles are all Phaser Relays

Science Consoles are 3x Field Generators, and a Graviton or Particle Generator (still playing with this, could throw old borg consoles in here too maybe)

Engineering Consoles are Neutronium Alloy, Sympathetic Fermion Transciever, and Quantum Field Focus Controller

I have the full assortment of Blue Hanger Pets, but am debating buying one of the 30k dil purple ones. Personally I am leaning toward either getting delta fliers as they seem to live longer, or the Peregrine Fighters as they seem to deal more damage.

As for Boff abilities

Tact: TT1 x2, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 2, Cannon Scatter Volley 1

Engineering EPTA1, EPTS1, ATSIF

Science: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2, Tractor Beam 3, and Gravity Well 3.

So yes, looking for advice on the optimal hanger pet for this setup, as well as my 4th science console, as well as anything else people might wish to suggest.

I am thinking of throwing a tricobalt torpedo launcher or mine on a rear slot in place of one of those phaser turrets as well.

Other than that I really Really love this ship.