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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
They are probably Voldemorting and calling it whatever it is they're calling it... There's a bug currently that gives you extra Bridge Officer Skills, they could very well be boasting about this. It will hopefully be fixed soon.

If you still need a merk for 1v1 action, send mail to @paxottomana to make arrangements with numerous merks.

If you want us to go family style on them, as in our premade vs theirs, that will cost a little more.

You can see our guys in action on youtube. Enter "Turkish RP Heroes STO vs", and/or "TRH STO vs".

We also make videos, so if you wanna see their heads, it's going to cost you a little extra. lol.
Cost a little more? I can put together five dudes and do it for free.

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