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11-22-2012, 09:18 AM
Spread is pointless 90% of the time... in both pve and pvp.

In pvp its fine for controlling spam I guess... but lacks any killing power and you are lucky enough to land torps on one person with out a shield facing let alone 2.

In PvE you will draw argo on all the things you don't want to draw argo on... don't be the spreader that pulls tac cubes and gets one shot by gates that would have ignored you.
Im sorry, i have to disagree with you here. If you are an engineer, this is EXACTLY what you want. As an engineer, you are the tank. If you cannot hold aggro without dying, then your build is wrong. I use torp spread all the time to grab the aggro off my buddies in escorts. That is still a challenge sometimes because threat control is broken. Even though i have Threat control maxed, The target will go after escorts that are doing higher dps to the target then i am. So if you are an Engineer, yes please use torp spread.