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11-22-2012, 09:58 AM
Well I for one understand what you mean, and hope you do return to Star Trek Online at some point in the future.

Let me take this opportunity to propose this suggestion if your looking to play additional games with great people then please feel free to join the multi-gaming clan [UF] United Federation.

Were a very active clan coupled with a extremely dedicated member base to help promote a leading gaming clan. As old-fashioned an idea as it sounds, we are here simply to have fun and do so with a sense of friendship and brotherhood.

Battlefield 2142: [UF] 2142 Badlands:
World of Tanks [US] -
SW:TOR "UFED" Guild - The Shadow Lands

We also support a wide variety of other titles which are hosted by our Multi-Game division.

If this sounds like the clan you're looking for, come take a look, You can also find us on Facebook,, come check us out and enlist today!

EDIT: I'll make sure to pass along your feedback, but as "I quit" threads are not allowed because they always turn into flame threads where the poster gets trolled, I unfortunately have to close this one down. Remember, now that the game is free-to-play, feel free to stop back anytime. We hope to see you again soon! ~BranFlakes

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