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11-22-2012, 11:16 AM
As you rank up, you'll get more Commisioned Bridge Officers lots. More then enough to handle any ship that you'll. I think Silver accounts get 8 slots and Gold accounts get 10 slots. And you can buy more Bridge Officer slots from the C-Store.

Why have more Bridge Officer slots then your need? Well allows you to fly different ships if you like to do that. Or if you like to fly only one ship, more Bridge Officers (BOFFS) allows you to swap out different abilities for fighting different factions. It allow you to major swap out your space build anytime your are outside of combat.

And one last thing, you will be earning more Bridge Officers as your level up as mission reards and leveling rewards. Thse new Bridge Officers will improve in quality with rare abilities (that you can't get any other way) and Improved/Superior Traits. But never fear, every character has a roster of 12 Reserve officer slots (right side of the Stations window). do you can handle to BOFF rewards until you are ready for them.