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Originally Posted by ascaladar View Post
I don't think cruisers are underpowered in general. Okay the old assault cruiser and star cruisers were a bit lacking but the newer hulls certainly aren't.

A cruiser will usually not outdamage an escort ship, as least on single targets, but in a target rich environment they are not that far behind in total numbers. The strength of cruisers is simply that they not only deal some damage but unlike escorts, can also withstand some punishment.
A standard cruiser will never out damage an escort ship. And they can withstand exactly 10% more damage than an escort typically which is in reality a wash because the escort will get hit 10% less often. There is a minor difference thanks to the console arrangements but in the end any more than 3 armor consoles gets silly. So no, they cannot, by virtue of being a cruiser, take much more punishment. They do have a tendency to have more engineering boff slots that can be used for that purpose but that is not the ship, it is the boff abilities. Meanwhile the escort wins on damage because of its capability to pack dual cannons, console layout, and ability to have good positioning in addition to its tac boffs.

Originally Posted by wackywombat View Post
I don't find that cruisers are under powered, they do an amazing job of tanking and healing, I think the problem really lies in the complete LACK of Tac options.

For both the science and engineering consoles you have several different viable options available for every ship but only one, MAYBE two, tactical. In addition, these consoles were originally balanced around massive diminishing returns and a max of 4 consoles per ship, both of these are things of the past.

I'd really like to see some variation introduced into the tactical consoles and some serious diminishing returns on the current damage consoles. I'm really not sure why there aren't base tactical consoles for things like Accuracy, Crit-H/Crit-D, or Increased Proc chance, anything to add some new options.
The current damage consoles are not the sole reason for the cruiser's current status as 'underpowered'. And they are not even the best tanks, nor healers that would be escorts and a handful of sci vessels in PvE not that either role is required in the slightest for it anyway. Lets compare them this way:

+Hull HP
Pretty much not a factor. 10% hull hp will not save your bacon, resists and heals will.
-Turn Rate & Speed
This is huge. Makes bonus defense harder to get, makes combat positioning more difficult, and in the end is extremely annoying.
+ 1 Weapon Slot
This is a wash thanks to weapon drain mechanics and ends up being next to useless most of the time.

+Turn Rate & Speed
+Bonus Defense
This is mitigation. The more damage you avoid/resist/mitigate the less damage that needs healed. Due to this factor the escort can and will out-tank a cruiser with a dedicated healer if this was a standard MMO trinity style.
+Dual Cannons
While this has been the 'go-to' thing to slap on every new ship it is still primarily an escort feature (and battlecruiser) and I don't think I need to go into details on it.
-Shield HP/Regen
While this does hurt to a point in the end 10% will not save you. As I have stated before resists are what matters not total shield amount. And in the end a Transfer Shield Strength boff ability used on an escort heals the same amount as it would on a cruiser.

Science Vessel
+Shield HP
+Sensor Scan
+Subsystem Targeting
-Hull HP
-1 Weapon