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11-22-2012, 11:17 AM
maximum plasma ktinga

1 rom plasma torp, 3 plasma DHC, 1 experimental rom beam, 3 plasma turrets


EPtA1, AtB1, RSP2, EWP3
EPtS1, AtB1, DEM2

TB1, HE2

my complete post buff AtB findings


borg deflector
borg engine
maco shiled


borg, temporal, leach, zero point

3 plasma infused particle gens

3 plasma energy damage


3 purple tech doffs, 2 projectile officer

for causing plasma DOT, this is one of the best platforms. very maneuverable, 2 AtB capable, room for 3 particle consoles, and the plasma energy weapon consoles buff all plasma dot from any source, from EWP, the energy weapons, and the torps. DEM is extra hull damage too, and is buffed the same time your energy weapons are buffed.

the point of the plasma torps is simply to deliver proc then anything else, and with TS on that rom torp you will be fireing lots of them, especially with projectile doffs procing. EWP3 is about as buffed as you can possibly make it, and the rom rep tier 5 active power can make it even hotter. with the rom 3 part set, that beam attack is extremely deadly when you stack plasma procs on someone.
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