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11-22-2012, 11:30 AM
Ok with the zen sale I decided to get the TAC escort retrofit that allows me to upgrade to fleet variant with one fleet module and keep the cloaking device.

USS Jaguar - Defiant Retrofit

Three XI DISRUPTER DHC very rare - XII QUANTUM TORPEDO borg very rare

Three XI - DISRUPTER TURRET very rare

Assimilated deflector XI

Assimilated engines XI

Mako Sheilds XII

Two X Neutronium Consoles uncommon - Cloaking Device

XI Emitter Array rare - Assimilated module

Three X Disruptor Induction Coils uncommon - XI Zero Point Quantum Chamber very rare

Bridge officers.

Tac Team I - Cannon Rapid Fire II - Cannon Spread III - Omega attack III
Tac Team I - Torpedo Spread II - Torpedo Spread III
Tac Team I

Emergency Power to Sheilds I - Reverse Shield Polarity I

Science Team I - Feedback Pulse I

I also have the full Breen and jem'hadar sets

I went with disrupters due to cost as I save some dilithium I will update these or change them for anti protons. I haven't noticed much difference with damage delt yet but this may be because most of my rainbow weapons were mk XII otherwise Im pretty happy with this setup