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11-22-2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by darimund View Post
bleh risa in this game isn't risa. There are no horgons to be found anywhere on the planet. The risian natives are severely overdressed, and theres no hotel like structures.

Risa is just another cookie cutter planet hastily thrown together by the development team.
Well I would love to see swim-able water (Sinking Data maneuver floating device accolade), realistic rock climbing (Spock jet boots accolade), jungle hikes, archaeology digs(Picard dug a hole accolade), flirting mini-game (to get rewarded horga'hns and maybe even some accolades like the Riker Maneuver), getting massages to fix ground damages (T'Pol accolade), get all the available swimwear (Trip Tucker III accolade), Klingon training cap (Worf accolade) to name a few ideas that I would love to see on Risa.

Talking about revamping already available planets / social zones. Andoria needs dueling tournaments with ushaan-tors. Both PvE and PvP. Open to both factions.