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Originally Posted by aestu View Post
I know that you will not get banned for saying this and that completely proves my initial contention.

46 character slots is not free. 46 character slots (six free, ten four-slot upgrades @ 1065 Zen ea.) has a book value of over $600.

$600 is not "free", and trying to argue it is, is just PWE trying to devalue the customer's money.

So it's your argument that only people with no lives refuse to feed PWE money for Zen. Lawl.
for what should i be banned? threatening you with me being blond?

46 char slots. Noone who PLAYS the game for what it is = a Star Trek game = would USE 46 slots anyway..

someone once calculated that the slots can be earned for free in some <40 days of playing.

Does Zen bought through Dill has a book value? Now this is an interesting question.

Because the Zen EARNED ingame has no book value.

Then there is Zen given out freely for Lifers and Golds.. Some's Lifers Zen is "free" too.

Only the Zen acquired with CASH has value.

A GAMER with a job and family which plays 5 toons and is actively participating in a fleet buys some stuff from the store, buys Zen, convert to dill, and then gives earned/buyed dill to fleet projects/equipment.

A GRINDER does grind Dill, converts, buys stuff from store "for free", exploits the system, grinds for lockbox ships, sells them on e-bay... etc.. that is why he needs 46 toons.

Yes, there is a thin line between these 2, but where is it exactly?
We need all types of players ingame - f2p grinders, lottery lovers, trekkies, hard-workers,... ,but let's not go into extremes. Grinding daily 46 toons of is an extreme.

I do not say the 30k is the optimal limit, but it is a number I personally could live with.

Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
People who play multiple characters aren't hurting you; they aren't getting free and unfair advantages over you. Don't be so narcissistic that you think you have a right and responsibility to police they way everybody else does things just for the sake of doing it.
IMHO it is not a question of playing multiple toons, but the problem of grinders grinding for free dill.
i do play multiple toons too, and still, if the dill refine limit was nicely set - let's say

16k pro account with 2 slots - now in place,
32k for accounts with 4 slots - now in place,
40k for 6 slots - now 8x6 = 48k,
58k for 8 slots - now 8x8=64k,
64k for account with more than 8 slots - now maximum 8x46 k ??? for contraband mission ??? FAIR ???,

and you could earn that amount on ANY toon... would it not be nice?

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