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This is mitigation. The more damage you avoid/resist/mitigate the less damage that needs healed. Due to this factor the escort can and will out-tank a cruiser with a dedicated healer if this was a standard MMO trinity style.
No kidding! Now how do you think that cruiser will tank if he had a dedicated healer on his six-o-clock too? Trying to kill a whole team of cruisers that know what they're doing is an absolute nightmare.

Escorts are not the be-all end-all you seem to think they are and snoozers are far from useless, in fact the stronger your opponents, the less you'll see escorts, because they tend to become more of a liability than an asset. From what I understand of STO's history this used to be even worse in the past, and given how many anti-escort strategies there are out there right now I thank my lucky stars every game for having a healer to keep me safe.

In all honesty I'm still convinced that people have a poor impression of snoozers simply because the overwhelming majority of players, good and bad, gravitate towards them.

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