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11-22-2012, 12:17 PM
I die more in elites now as well. On one hand, I don't mind dying as much, helps fuel that "massive battle" illusion where ships are going up against the borg and going "splat".

However, given how people are in PUGs, I'm driven insane by how they still refuse to do simple things such as (in infected, for example):

1) NOT killing generators at will, I can live without "10%", but not when 2 or 3 others are still near 100%.

2) NOT killing nanite spheres once they have arrived (if they've sucessfully healed the transformer)

3) NOT killing the transformer after the nanites have been removed, choosing instead to shoot other spheres, or worse, the gate.

4) NOT using their Grav Wells, TBRs, Tractors for crowd control if 1) above happens.

5) Showing up with more death-debuffs than the game can keep track of.

I suppose its still the same list, Its just felt more now.