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# 1 Cannon abbilities
11-22-2012, 02:02 PM
Hello and good evening,

As a player who is now (Level 50) beginning to really think about what he is doing, I would like to ask the community this question:

Is there a good combination for a Tac Com BOff officer that includes at least
1x Cannon: Rapid Fire and 1x Cannon: Scatter Volley ?

How should I combine them, and on which level?

Is there a way to train a Tac BOff in C:RF III from somewhere when I am a Sci?

I use now 3x Antiproton DHC front and 3x Antiproton Turrets rear.

As soon as I have finished some shopping I will equip my Armitage with some Antiproton Mag MX XI consoles too.

Thanks for any advice

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