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I do not think Cryptic shares your opinion on "extremes" being bad, how many boxes was it you had to open on average to get a Lockbox ship? How much was the average cost of those ships? Those values seem pretty extreme to me......
- i didn't open boxes to buy ships. i did open boxes to get lobi for the 2 KDF skirts though
- bought the keys off the exchange for EC's, ships the same.

Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Sadly, in Cryptic's new single character centric revenue model I do see them making alts even less desirable. As for those claiming having several alts as "exploitive" lets not forget Cryptic itself took advantage of the clickies to prop up interest in Starbases by adding FMs to the Foundry wrapper. In effect all but giving it a stamp of approval. For them to now say they hoped players would police themselves sounds.... deceptive and duplicitous at best.
Cryptic's revenue model and their strategy is IMO basically non existent or ever evolving (choose what suits you).
The basic rule is to make money.

I do not care about Dill, because i do not have a problem with occasionally buying some 2k Zen, and i already have all "have to have" stuff i need.

But FM's are BIG issue, cause with removing the free 50 FM's pro toon they are causing the small fleets to selfdestruct and to be assimilated by bigger fleets.
Which in fact is a loss of revenue for them because there are not so many sinks pro toon in a bigger fleet. That is why i supposed to give us FREE 50 FM's pro toon just for a daily log-in.

And because i really wanted to build a fleet starbase just with a friend of mine Now this idea is gone with the wind and i am back in business - in the small time window i do have for my daily game.

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