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As long the Ranking system is used Fleet Actions are nothing but forcing anti-group play, this always been a issue.

Now the "Daily" always been obscure, the map NEVER had shown the location were we are supposed to go and the scanning button ... well that does not work when when the map is filled with pointless interact objects (Big Dig).

As it stands trying to run the daily continues to be a aggravation since not only we have to be lucky enough the FA happens to be one people actually are running but also due to the entire "scavenger hunt" nature of the missions, add uncommunicative team members and the whole thing is a exercise of frustration.

This is not new, however what is new is the chances of the Daily to now award 50 fleet marks ... simply put, if the Dilithium reward was not nearly enough to attempt to play then and nothing have changed.

Also before anyone tells me to "not use publc queue" I shall remind you not everyone is on a 1000 plus Fleet that seems what Cryptic continues to cater about, many Fleets were the 50 Marks are badly needed for progress will be unable to get enough members to participate, now if we add the fact the Daily is entirely random and so not everyone will have the same FA as their Daily and then there the fact Big Dig requires 20 people.

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