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Originally Posted by mightydan1 View Post
It went up for a short while right before S7, then they took it down again! I have been attempting to create a mission since the S6 downtime, and just missed the short time it was up. It's been a while since the S7 update, and the foundry's still down. If I'm lucky, it'll be up some time in late December... Maybe.
Your perception of time is somewhat slanted.

Season six went live in June, Foundry was back up sometime in July and was up for at least 4 months before Season 7 went live last week, at which time they took it down, with plenty of advance notice. Ability to play missions is up after one week. THIS IS RECORD TIME. Ability to edit will likely go up next week. However, some of us are discovering issues, such as disappearing NPCs. After the holiday, they may have to take it down to correct these issues or it may delay them turning back on editing.

I don't understand what everyone's objection is to the process:

1. Disable editing and playing while new season goes live.
2. Autorepublish so everyone's missions get put back up with whatever new code the Foundry got. Keep editing and playing offline while the devs monitor the process to see if anything got borked.
3. Turn on playing so that AUTHORS can playtest their missions to see if anything got borked. Devs don't have time to play through every mission to see if there's a problem. I for one am happy to help. Reviewing is turned off so that we don't get downrated for mission broken by the patch.
4. Turn editing on.

So, what about this is objectionable? Yeah it takes time, but trust me, this is the way to avoid what happened in season 4 when the foundry was down for nearly two months.

Turnaround time this season looks to be 1.5 to 2 weeks. Remember that Foundry stuff can be turned off and on independent of patch days. If there's a problem at any stage it will take extra time. During Season 6 the process above took three weeks. However, a problem was found, they had to disable it again to fix it, then it was brought up again. The same could happen this time.

We have had plenty of warning from the devs in this very forum.

Now, I admit I got a little annoyed at the lengthy downtime last season after they had taken it down again to fix that problem (i made a sig to count the days it had been off). But honestly that was more due to the fact that the devs were silent on where we were in the process. This time BranFlakes has kept us up to speed. So c'mon guys, 2 weeks ain't nothing to cry about.
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