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11-22-2012, 01:56 PM
Pre-Season 7, there would've been something to say for an accountwide dilithium cap instead of (not in addition to) a per character cap, even if the new total ended up being a little less overall than the old total, for players like me, who do do the alt-hopping thing. Just cause I get more of a choice this way.

Post-Season 7, that benefit has been greatly diminished by the average time it takes to accumulate dilithium having been nerfed considerably. We've lost the clicker and B'Tran (okay), we've reduced income from STFs (ESTFs down 140 dilithium, no more exchangable EDC, tech or salvage (the BNPs compensate only the lost EDCs), and no more boosted wednesdays.), FAs might've replaced them but were slashed, the PvE dailies lost their Dilithium, even the Mirror Event is now marked as awarding XP only, if I recall right, and we've no reason to believe they're done.

So while before season 7, I would've gladly accepted say 20,000 accountwide (standard subscription 3-char account) + 4,000 for every additional character slot in use, now those numbers are no longer reasonably achievable, and I would not quietly tolerate any conversion from character-based to account-wide refinement caps where the total amount of dilithium that could be refined by an account is reduced in any way whatsoever.

IE, with my 15 character slots, I'd expect to see my account cap be 120,000 dilithium, or your (figurative) lawn on fire. Add a reduced account cap and maintain the per-character limits, and there'll be (figurative) people rolling around in the (figurative) flames.

Do I make that 120,000 cap? Not by a long shot. Halfway? Not even close. So why can't we slash it? Cause it's a matter of principle now, and before you ask.
prin-ci-ple   [prin-suh-puhl]

guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct: a person of principle.
So they made a mistake. Big whoop. Tell me when they don't make a mistake. It seems to be the one thing they are truly capable excelling at. But if we're going to keep idly letting them screw us over time and again to compensate for their own ineptitudes and lack of foresight, what motivation could they possibly have to invest some time, thought and effort into avoiding making any more mistakes? Only when it hurts them do they have a real reason to do better. These are supposed to be the professionals. They're not asked to do this for free. Not phoning it in, isn't an outrageous expectation for us to hold.

So in short:

This isn't little league. You lost, Timmy. Now quit crying, and do better next time.

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