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Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
Hello and good evening,

As a player who is now (Level 50) beginning to really think about what he is doing, I would like to ask the community this question:

Is there a good combination for a Tac Com BOff officer that includes at least
1x Cannon: Rapid Fire and 1x Cannon: Scatter Volley ?

How should I combine them, and on which level?

Is there a way to train a Tac BOff in C:RF III from somewhere when I am a Sci?

I use now 3x Antiproton DHC front and 3x Antiproton Turrets rear.

As soon as I have finished some shopping I will equip my Armitage with some Antiproton Mag MX XI consoles too.

Thanks for any advice
CRF III can only be trained by a Tac, but do not despair, for many Tac players WILL help their friends by training BoFFs for them. (it's called "Boff Exchange' and it's player-to-player, someone in your fleet SHOULD know how to go about doing it).

One method of getting people to do this for you, is to offer your own services training THEIR bridge officers. Another is alt flogging, but you don't sound like you have an alt of appropriate class and level to do the job.