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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
It's not AS overwhelming as I'd thought but I was toying with the idea that everyone would probably go alien if alien had a few more costume options and that maybe what Cryptic should consider is to merge ALL species together into aliengen, offer preset costumes for each iconic species as a template to start from, and instead of selling species in the C-Store, sell species parts/trait bundles.

So having Caitians unlocked would just add Caitian parts and traits to your Fed Captain.

Maybe replace species with "Homeworld" in the description and give traits set bonuses which can give you a homeworld bonus. So, for example, any four Earth flagged traits give you an "Earth" homeworld trait set bonus. Any four Vulcan flagged traits give you a "Vulcan" trait set bonus.

So rather than have your species determine your traits, have your traits determine your homeworld.
Taking a page from the Spore book eh? That could work, but it would require redoing how the entire race system is done. As weird as it would feel in an MMO, I think if we would never be able to go back.