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1. Ships won from Lock Boxes....

Is it posible to get an option to return a ship to you when lost or deleted ?
No. Currently the only ships you can reclaim are the ones bought from the C-Store, the 1000-day Veteran ships and the Steamrunner (which you can't reclaim but you can claim it on another character).

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2. Weapons Without Mk...

How far does these weapons go in Mk because I doubt there as good as Mk XII ?
Correct - they scale up to Mk XI I believe.

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3. Some episodes are old...

Some episodes like the first in the klingon series where you get weapons still using Mk II while the mission sets in Mk VI .
Or in replay you get an old weapons as a fed in the at war with the klingons episodes this is odd.
Not sure which episodes/weapons you're referring to but some of the time-travelling missions reward antique Klingon/Federation weapons (that function the same as their contemporary counterparts).

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4. Episodes Changed...

I go truth the romulean episodes and a lot of stuff has changed consoles ships that sort off thing, now that you guys changed a lot why not repair the problems in the serie episodes or finaly get that mission right with the admiral that is an undine. ???
Sorry - not sure what you mean here..?

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5. Clean up or Upgrade...

Sinds the doffs came no one actuly playing the diplomatic episodes anymore I guess why not completly remove them or upgrade it as Stahl promissed it to do from 10 diplomatic points upgrade it to an 1000 points or something ??
Why not upgrade the patroll missions to an story arc then let you get points in doff for military or one off the other points in the doff system .
Yeah, there's a number of legacy issues where systems have replaced older ones but the old system has still been left in - it'd be nice if these were fixed at some point.
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