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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Taking a page from the Spore book eh? That could work, but it would require redoing how the entire race system is done. As weird as it would feel in an MMO, I think if we would never be able to go back.
Well, going "Full Vulcan" or "Full Human" on your traits is LIMITING. So it always struck me that opting into a limit should come with a reward.

Your costume would be pretty much full costume options, with some provisos. (Opting for a Caitian head would make your whole body furry. Getting Trill spots would make your whole body spotted.) But you could look Caitian and have Earth as your homeworld if you selected any four qualifying traits.

Basically tying traits to culture more than species.

Yeah. Very much the Spore route. And then collecting traits would have value as it could unlock new homeworld options.

Basically, all species would be a subset of alien rather than alien being a separate category.

Something like a Liberated Borg unlock would unlock Borg traits and costume parts for any alts, rather than being a defined species.

I don't think it would be trivial but I DO think a trait overhaul is worthy of being a major season feature.