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11-22-2012, 04:25 PM
I use the Delta Flyers, but I am a special kind of ****** srsly, I use them cause they rip through enemy shields really well (and since I run two torpedos up front, that helps me a lot).

I tried the peregrines, but in the case of the vesta, they are useless. they barely managed to deal more dps than my deltas (and for me they provided less use), because they die too fast.
and as the Vesta is gimped with the aux power (it doesnt effect the reload timer on the hangars) and the animation is slow (pops one ship out every 3 seconds) the peregrines became totally useless for me (however I will give a try for the advanced scorpions, because they seem to deal more dps)

so in the end, I just suggest you go for the Danubes. they will deal nice dps, they will give you some crowd control, and they are also very sturdy, so they can live through a lot