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11-22-2012, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by ethoir View Post
What is basically happening is a map transition isn't triggering properly on one of my maps.

The player, after completing the prior objectives, is supposed to approach a Nav Beacon to trigger a warp-out dialog then actually warp out. What happens instead is one dialog would appear but the map transition would not trigger once the popup was closed.

I've been toying with it for months trying to figure out why it wasn't working. I've even asked another author for help and tried changing the map change from a beacon to an interact with object trigger. Nothing seems to have worked and yet my other map change triggers in the mission work just fine.

I can't tell right now if this is due to a bug or just something I'm screwing up within the editor. But its been such a thorn in my side for this long that I'm out of ideas on what to do with that one. Freaking. Map Change.

The mission name is Caitian Emergency with a Project ID of ST-HGXFTOZL6.

It is not published, as I have more work to to on its later maps. I'm just pointing out this busted map change trigger in the first space map that's giving me such a hard time fixing it.

Side Note: BOFF pathing for the map name "Deck 12" is acting loopy. My boffs like to walk into the walls at some locations as if the AI thinks there's no wall there (but there is and they get stuck against said wall).
map transition point is in correct to location i was make transtion from star fleet academy door but map transtion was esd which place no map change and not correct map of play