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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
I bought the 3 pack and have tried them all out

I find the Aux cannons to be useless I'n pve

If all 3 consoles were rolled into 1 they would be
Worth a console slot as they are there simply not
Worth a slot

Shuttle launch time is too slow to be of any real use

The choices off Boff slots is really nice allowing for
Most build choices

Installed beam arrays and got good performance equal
To the fleet recon sci ship however not better

The looks of the ship is first rate

Add beam arrays to the vesta I'n Aux confit and it
Will be worth having I'n pve

As the vesta currently is I do not recommend it as
A pve ship it's simple not worth the money unless your a die
Hard cannon fan that likes going nose to nose with any ship
And dont mind respawning a lot

Add Aux beam arrays and a dual beam bank so proper tactics can be used with
The ship and it would be worth the cost even with the poor
That's my opinion of the vesta
your doing it wrong lol
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