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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
TS and CRF look pretty key, but you could drop one of those for the Corsair or the Fleet Corsair and run scorpion fighters for their dots.

Fleet would mean dropping LtC Eng for LtC Sci, which gets you an extra particle generator. Guess I would drop ET and move to EPTS 1 maybe.

Edit: Actually Fleet means dropping to Ens Eng so non-Fleet would probably be better for double A2B.
wile DOT is nice, i build ships that have 1 real purpose, to kill. the corsair is not a killer, even with that DOT, i chose a very potent killing platform, the ktinga. it can have 3 particle and 3 plasma consoles, think the corsair is 4/2, so kinda a wash. EPtS3 is amazing, and the extra ET1 comes in handy actually. you could eliminate ET and go with EPtS1 and an RSP2, but overall i prefer having the extra hull heal, and extra shield resistance.

i did actually build this and fly it in 1 match before turkey time, i had everything but relatively cheap plasma weapons, and it was quite awesome. the massive amount of plasma proc did a significant amount of the damage in the few 1v1s i had in the C&H
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