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# 1 Answer to the dailys issue
11-22-2012, 06:04 PM
Heres my take on the dailys issue,
Devs and authors don't like the quickies as they are seen as a cheat, fair enough.

Players like the quickies as they can get fleet marks and dill quickly to leave time to play the mission they want not what they have to grind, also fair enough.

Here's my solution, split the rewards,
Want fleets marks do the existing officer dailys at your base for 50 fleets marks, no dill reward.

Want dill from foundry mission, fine but have them at 400 per 15 minute , min, mission. Maxed at 3 per day.

This helps smaller fleets with marks and foundry authors as people who are solely in the marks won't be looking for the quickest way of getting them.

The devs should be happy as fleets marks have no way of becoming real world currency so the exchange won't be altered.