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11-22-2012, 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Agreed thats why I'm not defending either T'Boob or Phaser guy both are clearly pretty awful gender stereotypes.

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh in the above post but it grates me that people overlook the fact that society, media and the influential manipulate male form and gender as much as they do female form. We're all victims of it regardless of what genitals we have.

To be honest with you it doesn't overly bother me because I have like a cranial version of Ad-Block, it just blocks out the homogenizing bull**** that society and culture try to throw at us.
I hear your apology.
Sorry if I sound a bit harsh as well, but discrimination, gender stereotyping, and unasked for priviledge are both something that I care about, and am quite knowledgeable about.

I understand your position.
I really do.
I totally disagree with it, but I understand exactly where your line of thinking comes from in modern society.
I would actually love to discuss it, but this is not the right kind of forum to do so.

To prove that the images are not even close in their objectification and pandering sexual imagery, all you have to do (as I suggested pages ago, and spawned a funny piece of art jesmx now has as a sig) is this. Take the image of T'Boobs and replace her with handsome phaser guy. Same Clothing, Same pose, same facial expression. Now take the image of Handsome Phaser Guy and replace him with T'Boobs. His uniform, his pose, his expression.

I have tons more to say about gender priviledge, stereotypes, etc. But as I said, not the right place for it.

regardless, we seem to be in agreement that the current front page image is a cheap, pandering piece of sexist advertising. I can simply agree to disagree about other things.