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You click on join elite STF
A admiral calls you on the comm

Caption your ordered to the Klingon border
Cordinates 341 mark 12 proceed with all haste.

The Borg are here, the fleet is sending all available
Ships . Meet up with the fleet at the tykon nebula
Make Starfleet proud

Hanson out

Now along the way several missions can happen
Rescues, SOS calls, morality missions ect

When you arrive 4 other players arrive too and you 5
Proceed into the STF

Boarding actions by the Borg anyone your being boarded
By Borg and are taken from space battle to fight them.
Until resolved the Borg do not fire on your ship

Instead of blowing up maybe your ship is disabled requiring
A engineer cruiser to get you back going , any ship could do it they would
Be better.

Remove one shot kills
Double hulls
Reduce all repair abilities by 90%

Just a thought.
Jellico....Engineer ground.....Da'val Romulan space Sci
Saphire.. Science ground......Ko'el Romulan space Tac
Leva........Tactical ground.....Koj Romulan space Eng

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