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Hi everyone!

I bet you have meowticed an increase of green and blue random loot drops additionally to normal loot on the above meowntioned critters. Even at Lieutenant level (MK 1 and 2), it works purrfectly. However, I'd like to see an increased chance for blue and even purrple loot on Elite and Advanced. Right now it's too easy to get even blue loot on Normal. It should be limited to green (50%) on Normal, green and blue (50% green and 10% blue chance) on Advanced and all rarities on Elite (50% green, 20% blue and 5% purrple chance).

Also, meowbe or purrhaps it would be an idea to add that extra loot to Ground Commanders as well, they don't appurr too often.

~ Meowzers The Vorta
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