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# 1 Starship MSD upgrade
11-22-2012, 07:27 PM
Due to all the complaints and suggestions and questions that I've seen here since the game launched about the MSD on starship bridges, I have a proposed solution to the problem. Make them like trophies.

This would require the texture where the MSD display is located on each bridge in the game to be replaced with a default version that does not display a starship, which would then be overlayed with a starship schematic of the player's choosing. This overlay would be selected the same way as trophies currently are in ready rooms and lounges in player starship interiors. The texture for the MSD overlay would display only slightly over the default texture so that it would appear over it without popping off of the screen.

This way, players would no longer have to deal with incredibly jarring and immersion breaking MSDs displaying the wrong ship types on their ship's bridges. They would be able to select them the same way that they can select starship trophies, so it would be up to them which ship to display on the MSD.