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11-22-2012, 08:38 PM
Hello, everyone!!

I am in the process of designing a character who will function a bit like James Bond--a Covert Operative who goes behind enemy lines to take out the latest threat to galactic safety--whatever or whoever it may be.

As such, I will not put them in a full-size Starship aside from Extremely Rare circumstances. Instead, I will put them in a Shuttle of some kind, kitted out and modified to function in a similar fashion to all the cars Bond is given by Q.

However, I have no idea which particular Shuttle I want them in, although I have narrowed it down to the Delta Flyer, Yellowstone Runabout, or Type-10 Shuttle.

So, I am hereby asking all of you--which of those three Shuttles would work best for the STO Equivalent of a Bond Car? Or, is there another Shuttle I'm overlooking which would work better?

I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks about this.

PS: Any advice on what outfits I should have for this character would be welcome, as well.
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