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11-22-2012, 09:02 PM
Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit: U.S.S. Baton Rouge
Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit: U.S.S. Ranger
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel: I.S.S. Constrictor (had the mirror universe material)
Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer : U.S.S. Wasp

the U.S.S. ships are named for ships that served in the US Navy... the Wasp dates back to 1775,

so for me I try to keep with at the very least the WW2 conventions for naming ships, Carrier and flight deck ships for the various classes of carriers from WW2, Cruisers for Cruisers, and Escorts are named after Destroyers and Frigates

thats how I select my ship names
Major Xi'Zzin
I.R.W. Raptor's Claw
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