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11-22-2012, 10:17 PM
OK ... that "seems simple and logical", but when u have to sort it out always something is wrong, not working, can`t be done that way, or who knows what else ... asked some ppl who are playing much longer and still no 100% answer why is this happening and what to do ...

As always, picture is 1000 words worth so here it is :

not playing for long, but even this much is enough to see - it`s a bit messed up ; BOFFS is one thing, when picking Starship Stations is something else BUT ... as ScrnShot shows, got better ship on my "young Klingon" tactical char, picked the one with 2 Tact Officers ofc and as u can see ---> that 2nd slot can`t be filled, same on Federation side ...

is it always like this? and if so - why ??? plain logic is kinda not there as it is ... at least I see it that way, more than messed up and for no reason imo.