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Like to ask Cryptic, what did you do to the UI?

Issue 1) The NumEnter Key is now the same as the Enter Key (when it use to be seperate). Thread Here.

Issue 2) The UI Toolbar

Nothing wants to stay in it's assigned slot anymore.

For example:

Lets say you have Device 1 on your Ground character assigned to Row 1, Slot 7, then you switch to another object, lets say a buff Tribble, then switch back to the previous device, Item 1 shows back up, but Item 2 is not even on your toolbar. So you assign Item 2 to a new slot then decide for a Item 3 (lets say a different buff tribble), then Item 3 needs to be assigned a new slot.

Cryptic, I cannot phathom why you needed to mess with something that wans't broken, but now its broken in a big way. And not sure about everyone else, but I for one would like this revered back to the Pre-Season 7 build.