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And the problem stems from my main character. During the final leg of the mission which turns into a fire fight.

He lost the ability to fire his main weapon on single or burst mode. During a few engagements, I watched the animation of the single burst showed itself a few times, but the remaining times, it never appears, and there is no damage output witness.

The burst mode was a complete no show, on the visual. Only the physical melee weapon for combat functioned as prescribed.

And it looks that Orion males brutes are ramped up on doing more damage as well, but that may be intended in the design.

Was able finishing it, with the guilty party escaping to his shuttle *sigh*. But I am not doing any more ground combat, with that 'glitch' present as is.

And I do battle in Elite mode, as a sidenote. But the weapon lack of anime portion is very distrubing.

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