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Originally Posted by erkyss2 View Post
Hi folks, i would like u guys help me with my built a bit since i want to be better PvP-er and all suggestions are more than welcome.
I`m tac captian, but i also have 2 sci chars, but this toon rly need some attention.
Note; this built might look rly bad but it was long time ago when i have done it. It works good in PvE, but in PvP... well, as u can see i have rly poor resistance to power drain/disable abbilities.
Also i`m thinking of buying wells for sci, so any advice on built on that ship are welcome too.

Thank you!
Looking at your build, I noticed the following..

You have points in Starship Projectile weapon Spec.. and show a checkmark in Chroniton Mines.. You can remove those points and put them into a nice to have 6 points in Starship Electro Plasma systems. Which will buff Epts 1 and 2.

You don't really need more then 6 Points in Starship Engine and Shield Performances. They won't give you really that much more power by going from 6 to 9 from my Previous observations. But of course that was a little while ago (Around season 5 maybe EARLY Season 6).

Again, the above is just my personal opinion on the matter. There are players who used to play more frequently that know the game better then I do when it comes to the math and ability to tweek the personal skills. Good luck either way.
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