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11-22-2012, 11:37 PM
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I have a suggestion. Maybe we should have the elite stfs but on an easier mode where the mission is easier. We can even call them normal level stfs!

As for the people who get blown up, have you considered changing your boff build to fit the mission? Or the way you fly your ship? If you can play these elite stfs where some or all of your team don't get destroyed maybe it's something that you need to work on. I mean, if your team mate can last an entire match and not get destroyed maybe you should figure out what they're doing differently.

Become a better player and not make the game easier.

P.S. yes fix the invisible torp, it shouldn't be invisible
do you know what aggro is? i dont think so because if you would know, you would also know that some player in your team who do not get destroyed have so few dps, that the borg dont even consider them a threat. those with much dps are usually escorts with a lower survivability that other ships. they get the whole range of weapons thrown at them while those odyseey cruisers just sit there with their lasers and think they do damage.
What ? Calaway.