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Hi MidNite. Just letting you know that Tribbles in Ecstasy is no longer being broadcast live on TrekRadio. We are still on at the same time, 6 PM Eastern on Fridays, but we are now live streaming on Thank you in advance for updating this.

EDIT: Also our downloads are now available Tuesdays evenings. And we also now have an Android app, called Holosuite Media, for listening to Tribbles and our other shows. Here is the link for it I was wondering if you could add that as "On Demand".

Originally Posted by captpfdennis View Post
Hey midnite,

Awesome thread. Thanks for doing this. Just a quick description for you.

PrimetimeUGC is a podcast totally focused on the Foundry, Foundry Authors, Foundry Missions and completely produced in the Foundry. We bring you author interviews, mission reviews, as well as Foundry tutorials and listings of newly released missions with a segment of general STO news.

Our normal schedule is biweekly on Mondays at 6:00pm EST, but we are currently on hiatus until I can get moved into a new residence. I will update here when I have a firm return date. Again, thanks for this thread. It's a great idea.

Originally Posted by cerberusfilms View Post

We just launched a New Show, Andrew and Oliver Play- STO.

We'll be putting out 2-3 episodes a week and playing through all the Cryptic Content (Beginning with the Federation).

Each episode will focus on a different mission as we progress through the Story, except for the Tutorial which takes us slightly longer with Character Creation etc.

Andrew is a new player (and Silver F2P'er) so we'll be getting both perspectives (Gold and Silver).

Episode 1 Part 1 can be found here -

I hope you guys enjoy

YouTube Channel -

Thank you all for the updates. If you can please check the OP to ensure it is correct and let me know if there are any more changes needed.

LLAP =/\=
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