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Originally Posted by potasssium View Post
Thanks everyone, I'll give the Danube's a try.

As for the Aux cannons, maybe I am wrong but using emergency power to aux seems to alleviate issues with science powers and cannons both drawing off my aux. I also pop that before I use the quantum phaser. Perhaps it is my imagination but it seems to help. I always have Aux batteries as well if needed.

It may not be the best at any one thing, but I find the ship to be a good jack of all trades in versatility.

On reason I am running the Borg set vs the Aegis set is for the Borg Tractor Beam which also helps with holding prey in place while using the quantum phaser. Between that and Tractor Beam 3 I usually always have one available.

I still need to get the toon a purple tractor beam doff and purple gravity well doff.

And like I said, may get a fleet tricobalt for the rear, for after I swing by my target.

Overall the non offense abilities allow the ship to heal very quickly.
wait, you said you use standard phaser cannons in the rear. so I assume you meant turrets.

you dont wanna do that. I tested this out, and if you use full turrets in the back, with the aux cannons (and you give full power to aux) then you gonna lose really high dps. I would suggest you go with normal cannons, full weapon power, get aux batteries, and emergency power to aux. those should help