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in the 2 part Ep "year of Hell" Voyager is ripped apart by chroniton torps one or two shots ( not saying it should be like that one here but come one these aint even close )

on here they dont even come close to norm photons

having the best consoles dont even do well

chroniton on here is almost the worst dmg type yet in ST they are out of phase of normal space time

they should do more dmg

im not saying drop the rest but perhaps making chroniton better or stronger

example 1st chron torp fired at a borg ship should rip thru shields like they werent there until they could adapt

Use chroniton torpedoes with beam target engines,
Gravity well, tractor beam , energy draining weapons, doffs
Spec your skills to take advantage of this, then use warp plasma

Your enemy can't move
Game over
They are powerful single target weapons if you take
Advantage of their special abilities
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