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11-23-2012, 02:30 AM
Okay, then, let's see. I will assume that you will be doing primarily PvE for this one, to avoid the need for role discussions.

Your weapon choices are not exactly the best. It would be best to use (for energy weapons) only beam arrays, or dual beams on the front with turrets in the back. To maximise damage, you want, all of your weapons slots firing, if possible. So, with beam arrays, broadside, but if you want to face your target, go with turrets and dual beam banks.

For projectiles, I recommend that you keep either the torpedo or the mine and remove the other in favour of another energy weapon. This is because using both will force you to have to continuously turn in order to get either one on target, which can be difficult in even a Vesta.

As for your consoles, one tactical damage-increasing console is most definitely not enough. Almost everyone capable will fill up those slots with energy type/projectile damage type consoles. That would make a lot of difference. If you want to keep Isometric Charge and Quantum Field Focus Controller, I recommend dropping the Graviton Pulse and the Emitter Array. The bonus given to healing by the Emitter Array is fairly insignificant, while Graviton Pulse takes too long to recharge to be of any use.

Now we move on to bridge officer abilities. I notice you are not mounting Tactical Team. This ability is a must-have for all builds, not due to increased damage, but the fact that it removes tactical debuffs and redistributes your shields very quickly. This prevents you from dying with just one shield facing down. Depending on whether you remove the mine or the torpedo, replace that ability with Tactical Team, and I'm sure you will see a boost in survivability.

Besides that, the power drain from Energy Siphon is a little too low to be meaningful. I would recommend placing an additional Grav Well in there so that you can chain them and keep them up, enhancing your crowd control in STFs.