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Explain to me how the Vesta is a mary sue ship... considing that it is a multi-mission ship might be the only way but when you look at the different roles it can fill you can always find a ship that fits that role better.....

unless you are of course talking about actually using it as a science ship... and its at that point that I would like to point out that the Aux DHC's actually work better for a tac captain and build so I dont bother with them since I am a science captain... you took one look at my build in another thread and called it a mary sue build without offering the least bit of facts or numbers to back up your claim..... the vesta science ship that I use fills the crowd control role very nicely.... and I can definately find a better science ship to use in that role.... Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel for 1

to say that the vesta is not a carrier thats utter twaddlespeak....

it has a hangar deck... therefore its a carrier of some form....

I'll break it down for you like this

Atrox = Fleet Carrier CV ( usually the flagship of a fleet or taskforce )
Armatage = Escort Carrier CVE ( relagated to Convoy escort and smaller taskforces )
Vesta = Light Carrier CVL ( supports smaller taskforces and has the speed to keep up )

and this I thought up by just doing a little research into the U.S. Navy and the birth of the Aircraft Carrier

so many people wanna jump on the bandwagon of the ship being so OP and Mary Sue ish (im gonna guess that those individuals just dont have the ship themselves and are jealous)

to compare, the Fleet DSSV has more Hull and Higher Shields than the Vesta... has the same (or damned close to it) turn rate as the vesta, has the same number of consoles... altho the FDSSV has 3 eng 5 sci and 2 tac where as the Vesta I use has 2 eng 5 sci and 3 tac, so I in my vesta am sacrificing Hull and Shield Strength for the ability to mount cannons (and I dont bother with cannons on a science ship) and have a flight deck....

I have looked at the various roles these ships can fill and I have yet to run into a case where there is NOT some other ship that does the job "better" I see the Vesta as a jack of all trades and a master of none.... so in my opinion its NOT a Mary Sue ship. It is a ship that has quite a bit of flexability to allow most players to outfit it to to fit thier individual play style

so to sum up you start giving me instances and numbers to back up your claim that the ship is OP and that its a Mary Sue ship or kindly STFU....

thank you I will now get down off of my soapbox
Hear, hear!

I plan on asking about the hangar cooldown and a possible solution/compromise in the nect ask cryptic.