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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
My Galaxy Dread is a beast. It took patience and a lot of experimenting with different setups to get it just right. The only problem with the lance is that it doesn't work unless the enemy shields are down. I have done various things to it to make it a feared ship, and I rock the other teams in PVP. If you want to get it, you must be patient with setting it up to fit your need. It is not a pick up and go ship like many escort ships. You have to actively do stuff to it to make it competative.
interesting response, since all your threads basically revolve around how weak cruiser weapons, cruisers and especially the galaxy x and r are.
multiple posts from you that point to an inherent defect of that ship...yet here you are praising that very ship into the olympus of "uber" ships.

but you are correct with the statements you made here: the lance works best against hulls (just like any BO does) the galaxy an average burst ability which is great for PVP only if timing and buffs/debuffs are perfect. With the low turnrate it is basically a miracle to hit the target in the absolute right moment. Subspace jump made it easier, but takes up an additional console slot, and the ship only has 9. same with the cloak...nice gimmig, but once you used it it is a dead console until you are dead and respawn.

Setting up a ship is allways a task that needs patients and knowledge, thats true for each ship. Some more some less...but the galaxy X is an assault cruiser, so you can already build up from there. And escorts do also tend to be hard to setup, if you really want it to be a mean ship.
So your last sentence is true for each and every ship in STO to make it competitive.

my resume on that ship would be: It is an OK ship, many veteran cruiser captains love it, but the simple fact is, that it is somewhat outdated by other cruisers. 3 tac boff stations is just not enough to hurt anything, especially in PVP. For PVP however you can set it up to be a support cruiser with a little more bite than others. The versatility of the Oddy class will still outperform it in the long run. Galor class, D'kora...miles better. It was at one point a good cruiser, but those times are long gone...the game has changed and not to it's favour.
Your 2500 (2000 until 25th) zen could be spend smarter than this ship. I for one will get myself the oddy pack, even though i hate the design, it still is the best cruiser choice right now.

PS: Nope, your galaxy X is everything but is the first that gets targeted, and the first to go "boom" if you actually meet a TEAM in PVP. What you "rock" are pugs that barely activate a singel ability.
Basically the galaxy x is an indicator for the weak link in a PVP match...go for the galaxy x first...if it is build to do dmg it will blow in seconds, if it is build as a cruiser should in pvp it will withstand most attacks. Most people however build it for dmg and blow up in seconds. Same is true for the galaxy r, the chance to have an inexperianced captain in it is like 99%.
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