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11-23-2012, 05:32 AM
The Dreadnought is a great ship. Dont let the naysayers put you off just because they cant use it effectively. I've seen it decimate targets in both PVE and PVP, and use it myself to great effect in PVE.

To get the most out of the Spinal Phaser Lance, stick to phaser weapons. Lot of people go with Antiproton beams and wonder why their Spinal Phaser Lance doesn't deal as much damage as other players.

The vessel has only two drawbacks to me, speaking as a Tac player who usually uses Escorts; Turn rate and Boff layout.

Its a cruiser. Naturally its boff layout is tailored for tanking/repairing and as you would expect, it absorbs damage in STF's. Its not nimble like an Escort Retrofit, it cant turn on a sixpence and blast a new target. But it can survive where escorts just fall to pieces.

The vessel itself has three tactical consoles, more than other cruisers which generally have two. And it retains 4 Engineering consoles. Its let down by only have two Science consoles, but that isn't such a drawback. You are not using this vessel for AEO Gravity well or Photonic Shockwave.

I also have the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit with saucer sep, and on that ship I run 4 Dual Phaser Beam banks fore and 4 Phaser Beam Arrays rear. A setup which i sometimes move onto the Dreadnought for an easy time in PVE.

My usual Dreadnought setup is infact DHC's and turrets. Along with 4 RCS consoles and 2 Field Generators.
Without the defensive consoles, it is still a tank thanks to its Engineering Boff's. Without having SIF or Electroceramic console, it can still take a hell of alot of punishment in an STF, and with cannons it can deal out the damage.
Its DPS isn't quite as good as an Escort due to it being down a Tac console and no tier III Tac skills. But its still very effective. In STF's, most of your targets are stationary anyway, and for taking out most Borg or Assimilated Klingon vessels, you have a team of 4 other players. You don't have to be 10km away to be able to keep facing the target, you can get right into the think of the action. And in Cure for example, you have the ability to tank whatever damage the Cube can throw at you while you blast away its probes below.

If you want to stay approx 10Km away (ie, out of the Cubes range on Cure Elite) then beams may be superior. Their damage doesn't drop off as much at maximum distance.

The Cannon setup above will probably take a bit of practice and time getting used it, especially if you are used to small nimble Escorts. Its easier and safer to stick to beam arrays, but regardless which route you take: The Galaxy Dreadnought is a cracking ship and one everyone should have

Also, there's been talk and planning for over a year now to add Saucer Separation to the Galaxy Dread. The Spinal Phaser Lance already has two firing modes ingame, one for Saucer Sep. Alas its not available yet. But my god I hope they do add it, soon.

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