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11-23-2012, 06:04 AM
Both an escort and cruiser with a dedicated support/healer can hit the shield resistance cap. That means the only variance in damage mitigation is the bonus defense score, or avoidance. Keep in mind I am speaking from a purely optimal point of view assuming that STO actually had content that put out enough damage to require a true dedicated tank like some think STO should have. Once again it does not have any content that would require or desire that style of play PvE.

PvP is a completely different beast due to the human factor. In PvP with burst being king along with focus fire and the fact that a human is intelligent enough to not shoot the tank but instead the person that is healing/buffing the tank the entire metagame changes and having buffer tank becomes more useful. As does having a healer who is tanky.

The fact remains, however, that as a ship hull a cruiser does not inherently have any additional tanking capacity over an escort beyond having a more engineering heavy boff layout that tends to increase the quantity of healing and resist abilities on the ship. At the same time the escort does have inherent qualities that increase it's own damage output those being the increased weapons power, dual cannons, and a higher maneuverability and speed that allow it to keep favorable positioning.

That means that cruisers are 'under-powered' in the PvE aspect of the game. Not useless, not junk, underpowered. As in 'not as good' as other ships. Once again I am referring to cruisers, not battle cruisers nor dreadnaughts.

And the simple reason for that is the role they find themselves filling in PvE. That is as a hybrid. They are a mix of damage, tank, and support/healing. Hybrids always tend to be underpowered in MMOs. This is complicated by the fact that every hull has hybrid qualities to an extend with the ability to self heal, tank, etc. It is just that the escort is capable of packing just enough self heal/tank with boffs/gear to get the job done and the cruiser need to pack the same amount.

Strangely enough as well in the end the proper Science Ship does make the best self-sustaining tank. Or tank without a healer backup that is. This is thanks to the much higher self regeneration capability of the vessel, along with an improved capacity to still fill a very useful role with various CC abilities. For you see while it does lack a bit of hull buffer compared to the cruiser it does having a much higher shield regeneration capability.

And I do fly battlecruisers I do not find them to be underpowered. Mostly due to the turn rate and DHC factor.