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Hey all,

I've been running my Engineer main around in escorts and escort-style craft for a good while, but with the new ship sale in place I've been in a good position to try out a change of pace. Since I know I just don't get along too well with Cruisers (got a Regent and a proto-Odyssey and they don't like me ), I went and got me a Vesta for a bit of fun, multi-role science flavor.

Now I'm ready for a more extreme departure, and I'm thinking...carriers. With the new ship sale in place I'm in a good position to pick up an Atrox, but I'm also coming into some money soon and might be able to swing my very own Tholian Recluse.

Should I get the Atrox or the Recluse? Does anyone have suggested builds/tips for either? I was also considering saving up for a Temporal Destroyer instead of a Recluse. Is that a better buy? Are Stalkers as terrible a carrier pet as some have suggested? What's the main strategy for flying a catboat?

Any advice is welcome!