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11-23-2012, 06:55 AM
As someone who has run the Elites many, many times and that has full Omega/MACO/KHG Mk XII space and ground sets on all 3 of my characters, I have a question:

In order to get the complete set of costume options and titles you have to get the Elite optionals on Infected, Cure and Khitomer Accord space and ground - and Infected Ground is the hardest of the lot to achieve - every time I've made that optional (and I've lost it many more times than I've gotten it), every team member knew the rules, was properly geared up and pulled their weight.

If you have even one team member that's unfamiliar with Infected or can't contribute then you're extremely unlikely to get the IGE optional - heck, every time I have gotten it it's been literally with seconds to spare.

Whatever you may think about the old random drop system for Proto Tech, to my mind, those that have the Omega Force Shadow Operative title truly earned it.

So my question is this: is it just the shiny armor and the helmets? Because you can get those now just by running ISE ad-nauseum. Or, when you finally get your Mk XII ground set and realise there's players with titles you don't have and costume pieces you don't have, are you going to ask for an easy way to get those too?
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