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Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
Submit bug reports. I got one of those, and reported it. I had hoped it was just one, but if it's multiple that's a bummer.
Can't tell if your serious or not.

On topic, I actually think that it's D'Tan that messaged you and hid the recording. With the Tal'Shiar taking an active interest he has to be careful of his moves. If he is too overt they may just decide to risk making a martyr of him, but at the same time he wants the Romulans to start over and doing it by hiding things in the manner that is currently customary for Romulans is a bad start and one that's completely opposed to his expressed views. Plus, while we've seen very little of him as far as characterization is concerned I find it plausible that he'd find it an amusing irony to use the "old ways" of subterfuge and secrets to facilitate the openness and cooperation that he wants to make the cornerstone of the New Romulus community.